Mancino, Rinomato, Lucano and COA at A Bar Called Gemma

We had the pleasure of having Grazia di Franco from Mancino Vermouth & Rinomato Aperitivo and Luigi de Michele from Amaro Lucano Tequila come to Stockholm, Olso and Copenhagen for inspirational tastings and Masterclasses about Vermouth, Aperitivo and Amaro.

Thank you to our Italian friends for the inspiration, A bar called Gemma and The Conservatory for hosting the events and to all the bartenders that participated.

In the bar: Jay Khan from COA

Later that evening we got to welcome Jay Kahn from the bar COA in Hong Kong to Stockholm.

Jay is an Agave afficionado and star-bartender with a numerous of awards and recognitions. He hosted A bar called Gemma for an amazing evening with delicious cocktails and top-class service.

Thank you, Jay and A bar, called Gemma together with sponsors: 50 best bars, Mancino Vermouth, Amaro Lucano and Scrappy´s Bitters.