About Sandberg

Founded in the fall of 2018 by Anders Sandberg, the company is an evolution of many years spent behind the bar on Stockholm's vibrant cocktail scene. Anders helped launch Pharmarium in Old Town in 2013 and managed the place with a series of fantastic teams. When he became a father, he wanted to continue his creative journey with flavors and beverages, but in a new format.

The Drink Lab became a daytime venture in a non-alcoholic format. The cornerstone is a thrilling selection of artisan-produced acids, cordials, bitters, and tonics. With unique flavor combinations in fine harmony, our products are frequently used by enthusiast cocktail bars and at-home mixologists across Sweden.

At Sandberg Drinks Lab, you can explore various types of handcrafted Tonics, Bitters, Cordials, and Acids. With our products, you'll be able to mix drinks "the Swedish way" and elevate your cocktail crafting to a new level.

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