Fine mesh strainer in copper on white backgorund

47 Ronin Fine Strainer Copper Ø 76 mm

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Refined mixing for superior cocktails


Enhance your cocktail crafting toolkit with the 47 Ronin Fine Strainer in elegant copper. This fine mesh strainer is expertly designed for the essential task of double straining, ensuring that every drink you serve is impeccably smooth and free from unwanted residue.


Elegant design and construction


This strainer features a 76 mm mesh head, perfect for catching fine particles and herbs, providing a clear, refined finish to your cocktails. The attractive copper finish not only adds a touch of sophistication to your barware ensemble but also makes it a standout tool during cocktail hour.


Ideal for advanced mixology


Double straining is a technique cherished by professional bartenders to achieve an ultra-smooth consistency in drinks. Whether you're crafting a silky martini or a vibrant mojito, this fine strainer handles the task with ease and precision.


Practical and durable


Crafted for durability and ease of use, the 47 Ronin Fine Strainer is designed with a long handle for a comfortable grip and better control during use. While it is recommended to handwash this tool to maintain its lustrous finish, its quality construction ensures long-lasting performance in a professional or home setting.


A must-have for cocktail enthusiasts


This fine strainer is an essential addition for anyone serious about their cocktail craft. Its functionality and elegant design make it not just a tool, but a part of the experience, ensuring that each drink you pour reflects your dedication to quality and enjoyment.


Add the 47 Ronin Fine Strainer to your collection and take your cocktail presentations to the next level with drinks that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

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