47 Ronin Jigger Japanese Style 25/50 ml

47 Ronin Jigger Japanese Style 25/50 ml

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Precision in every pour

Introducing the 47 Ronin Jigger, crafted with precision in a sleek Japanese style. This essential bar tool is designed to ensure perfect measurements for your cocktails, combining functionality with a classic aesthetic. Its timeless hourglass shape not only looks stylish but also provides ease of handling and balance between the two measuring sections.


Dual measurements for versatility


Equipped with a 25 ml end and a 50 ml end, this jigger allows for quick and accurate measuring of different volumes, making it an indispensable tool for any cocktail enthusiast. Whether you are mixing a simple gin and tonic or a complex cocktail recipe, this jigger helps you achieve the right balance of ingredients.


High-quality stainless steel


Made from durable stainless steel, the 47 Ronin Jigger is built to last. It resists corrosion and maintains its gleam over time, making it a practical addition to both professional bars and home setups. The material also ensures that it's easy to clean and maintain, ready for use whenever you need it.


Perfect for cocktail crafting


This jigger is not just a measuring tool; it's a part of the crafting experience. It helps bartenders and home mixologists pour with precision and confidence, ensuring that every cocktail is as delicious as intended. The elegant design also makes it a great gift for cocktail aficionados.

Elevate your mixology with the 47 Ronin Jigger Japanese Style 25/50 ml, where precision meets elegance in every measure.

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