Autopour 3,5  cl.

Autopour 3,5 cl.

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An "automatic" pourer that thanks to its design only pours 3,5 cl each serving. Hold your bottle at a 45° angle when pouring.


Moisten and prime the drip cap before using it by plugging the opening with your thumb and turning the bottle upside down for a short while, so the liquid moistens the inside of the cap. Inside there is a small bead that moves (not the one in the colored part). The bead must be at the bottom of the cork when in use. When the bottle is then held at a 45 degree angle, the bead begins to slowly move towards the bottle opening and when it reaches the top, the flow is shut off. If the bottle is held at too small an angle, the bead will remain in the initial position and the bottle can be emptied in one sweep.

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