Bespoke White Wine 410 ml
Bespoke White Wine 410 ml

Bespoke White Wine 410 ml

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Discover the Onis Bespoke White Wine glass


Elegance in every sip

Meet the latest addition to the Onis Bespoke range: the White Wine glass, thoughtfully designed and with a 410ml capacity. This glass is a fusion of style and functionality, featuring an ultra-fine stem that gracefully connects to a wide base, offering stability without sacrificing aesthetics.


Designed for the white wine enthusiast

This glass is tailored to highlight the delicate flavors and aromas of white wine. Its design focuses on maintaining the perfect temperature and enhancing the wine's bouquet, making every sip a memorable experience. The Onis Bespoke White Wine glass comes with the signature Onis Finesse Laser Cut Rim for a smooth drinking experience, and our Onis Rim Guarantee, ensuring the quality and durability of your glass. Plus, it's dishwasher safe, blending luxury with everyday practicality.

  • Understated Elegance: A design that speaks of sophistication.
  • Functional Beauty: A long stem and wide base for stability and style.
  • Perfect Capacity: 410ml to bring out the best in your white wines.
  • Smooth Sipping: Thanks to the Onis Finesse Laser Cut Rim.
  • Lasting Quality: With the Onis Rim Guarantee.
  • Easy Care: Dishwasher safe for convenience.

The Onis Bespoke White Wine glass is not just any glass; it's your go-to for making each white wine occasion more special. It’s designed to complement your wine, ensuring that each glass is a tribute to the finer things in life.

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