Bill Coffee 240 ml

Bill Coffee 240 ml

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Warmth with a twist of elegance


The Bill Coffee mug, holding 240 ml, offers a delightful way to enjoy your hot beverages. Combining the cosy comfort of your traditional coffee mug with the clarity and charm of glassware, this mug adds a dash of sophistication to your morning routine or coffee breaks.


Durable and dependable


Whether you're cradling a hot chocolate on a chilly evening or sipping on your morning americano, this glass mug is designed to make every moment enjoyable. Its clear construction not only looks stylish but allows you to appreciate the rich colours of your drink.


Created with everyday use in mind, this mug is more than just a pretty piece in your cupboard. It's built to last, giving you the reassurance that it can handle daily brewing rituals while maintaining its elegant appearance.


Perfect for every occasion


From casual home use to more formal settings, the Bill Coffee mug is versatile enough to fit in seamlessly. It's an elegant alternative to classic porcelain, offering a clear view to the layers and textures of your favourite hot drinks.


Make the Bill Coffee your new companion for those precious moments of relaxation, and savour each sip with a touch of class.

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