Blow Venus 120 ml
Blow Venus 120 ml

Blow Venus 120 ml

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Perfect symmetry for elegant cocktails


Meet the Venus glass from the Helénica collection, known for its beautiful symmetry and sleek design. The slight curve from the stem to the straight-line goblet adds a touch of elegance to your drinkware.


Ideal for whiskey classics


The Venus glass has just the right capacity for classic whiskey cocktails like the Brooklyn, Saratoga, and The Liberal. Its balanced shape enhances both the look and flavour of your favourite drinks.



  • Capacity: 120 ml
  • Max Diameter: 70 mm
  • Base Diameter: 60 mm
  • Stem Diameter: 5 mm
  • Height: 165 mm


Why you'll love Venus


  • Symmetrical design: Offers a perfectly balanced and elegant look.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for a variety of whiskey cocktails, enhancing both presentation and flavour.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship: Each glass is mouth-blown with precision, ensuring high quality and durability.


About Blow Glassware


Blow Glassware started with a bartender's dream to create perfect cocktail glasses. Founded in 2022, Blow combines top-notch design with quality craftsmanship, trusted by the finest bars and restaurants.


Elevate your cocktail experience


Add the Venus glass to your collection and enjoy the perfect blend of symmetry and elegance. 

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