Carré - Coupe 300 ml, 6-pack
Carré - Coupe 300 ml, 6-pack

Carré - Coupe 300 ml, 6-pack

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Carré Coupe – a seamless fit in any setting


Welcome simplicity and elegance to your gatherings with our six-pack Carré Coupe. Ideal for those who enjoy a casual cocktail or a sparkling champagne, these glasses boast a clean, angled design that fits any occasion with ease. Practical in portion and perfect in number, they're the reliable choice for your home bar or table.


Effortless Elegance

  • Modern touch: The Carre Coupe's modern angles bring a fresh look to classic cocktails and champagne, ensuring your drinks are as stylish as they are delicious.
  • Just right for any drink: These glasses are designed to suit both wine and cocktails, making them a versatile staple for any aficionado.
  • Designed for gatherings: Coming in a set of six, these glasses make it easy to share moments with friends and family.
  • A fit for every table: From a relaxed evening at home to a festive party, these glasses will complement your dining experience without overpowering it.


A Set to Savor

With the Carré Coupe, you're always prepared to serve up an experience. Whether raising a glass to a milestone or enjoying a quiet drink to unwind, these glasses serve as the perfect companion. 

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