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Chicago Tall Hi-Ball 290 ml

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Chicago Tall Hi-Ball: the essence of timeless elegance


Introducing the Chicago Tall Hi-Ball glass by Onis – the quintessential piece for any setting that calls for a splash of classic charm and modern grace. Whether it's for a bustling bar, an upscale restaurant, or a hotel lounge, this glass stands as a paragon of versatility.


Crafted for comfort and style


Balanced and beautiful: Meticulously designed, the Chicago Tall Hi-Ball glass is a testament to Onis's dedication to excellence. It fits comfortably in your hand while the sturdy base and clear lines offer a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality.


Versatile by design


Generous and adaptable: With a 290 ml capacity, there's room to mix and match, allowing for an array of cocktail creations. This glass is not only perfect for classic highball favorites like gin & tonics, rum & cokes, or gin fizzes but also for displaying the vibrant colors of fruit juices and sparkling sodas.


Key features for an elevated experience:


  • Elegantly urban: Combines a sleek, modern look with a timeless design.
  • Flexible capacity: 290 ml size for crafting a wide range of beverages.
  • Onis craftsmanship: Ensures lasting durability and sophisticated drinking experiences.


Discover the Chicago Tall Hi-Ball Glass and let each drink be an ode to the artistry of drink-making. Embrace this blend of simplicity and elegance that promises to lift your cocktail presentation to the pinnacle of chic.

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