Chicago Tall Hi-Ball 310 ml

Chicago Tall Hi-Ball 310 ml

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Onis Chicago Highball glass: simple elegance, versatile use


The Onis Chicago Highball glass is a testament to practical design and everyday elegance. 


Streamlined design


With its straight sides and a strong base, this 310 ml glass is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their drinkware. It's perfectly proportioned for all sorts of drinks, from morning juices to evening cocktails. The solid base not only looks good but feels right in your hand, offering stability and comfort with every drink. This glass is a versatile pick for any kind of beverage you're serving.


Classic looks, modern appeal


The Chicago Highball glass combines the best of timeless design with modern simplicity. Whether you're mixing a gin and tonic or serving a soda, this glass provides ample space and a classic shape that suits any occasion.

For a glass that fits seamlessly into both casual and formal settings, the Onis Chicago Highball Glass is your go-to. Enjoy the combination of durability and subtle style every time you pour. Add this essential piece to your collection today.

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