Chicago Tall Hi-Ball 310 ml

Chicago Tall Hi-Ball 310 ml

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Step into a world of refined drinking pleasure with this beloved highball glass from Onis – a masterpiece of simplicity and timelessness that effortlessly graces any bar, restaurant, or hotel setting. With its sleek straight lines and substantial base, this glass is a versatile vessel for any of your favourite cocktails. 


Key features

  • - Generous 310ml capacity for creative mixology
  • - Sleek straight lines that embody timeless elegance
  • - Weighty base for a comfortable and substantial grip
  • - Versatile design perfect for a wide range of beverages 


Timeless classics 

Elevate your cocktails with classic high-ball elegance. Serve your Gin & Tonics, Rum & Cokes, Gin Fizzes or delicious juices in this versatile glass with the generous capacity of 310ml. The Chicago Hi-Ball is a testament to the seamless union of classic aesthetics and contemporary design. Its straight lines pay homage to timeless elegance, while the substantial base gives a reassuring weight to your hand, a testament to the craftsmanship that went into the creation. This glass transcends trends, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both tradition and innovation.





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