Cidra Water glass from Onis on a white background
Cidra Water 390 ml .

Cidra Water 390 ml .

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Cidra Water Glass by Onis: a study in minimalist elegance


Introducing the Cidra Water Glass from Onis — a tribute to the beauty of simplicity. This is where your beverage becomes the star of the show, celebrated without distraction.


Thoughtful design


Crafted for clarity: Each Cidra Water glass is a product of precise design with a focus on what matters most — the purity of your drink. Its crystal-clear construction promises a visual purity that complements any beverage, from water to wine.


Suitable for every moment: Whether it's set at the morning table or at a dinner with friends, the Cidra Water glass fits effortlessly. Its understated form is perfect for any setting, enhancing the drinking experience with its transparent charm.


Key features to appreciate:


  • Crystal-clear construction: Allows the colour and vibrancy of the drink to shine through.
  • Elegant simplicity: A design that's both refined and versatile for any occasion.
  • Focus on the beverage: Puts your drink in the spotlight, undisturbed by the design.


With the Onis Cidra Water Glass, embrace the refined simplicity that brings your drink to the forefront of the experience.

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