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Cocktail Kingdom Collins Ice Mould Long 5,25 inch

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Refined ice cube mold for an impeccable chill


Discover the ideal companion for your high-ball glass creations with this ice cube mold. Made from food-grade rubber, it ensures each ice cube remains free from unwanted flavors and odors, allowing the true taste of your beverage to shine through.


Designed for detail


Create elongated ice cubes measuring 13.4 cm by 3.175 cm, tailored for an elegant fit in a variety of long drinks. This mold blends functionality with a sleek design, ensuring your drinks are served with a sophisticated coolness.


Key features for the connoisseur:


  • Exact cube size: Produces ice cubes that are 13.4 cm in length and 3.175 cm square, perfect for a uniform look and slow melt.
  • Flavour integrity: The high-quality rubber material keeps your ice pristine in taste.
  • Multipurpose and safe: Suitable for both spirited occasions and non-alcoholic refreshments at any venue or home.


With this ice mold, enhance every beverage with a touch of class, knowing that the coolness of your drink is crafted to perfection.

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