Cocktail Strainer 4-prong

Cocktail Strainer 4-prong

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Professional cocktail strainer with an adjustable spiral


Discover the ease of mixology with a professional cocktail strainer, the ideal accessory for the passionate bartender. Melding classic design with modern functionality, it fits a wide range of shakers, streamlining your cocktail crafting process.


Key features


  • Versatile spiral design: The smart metal spiral adjusts to your shaker's size, promising a perfect fit and clean strain every time.
  • Steady and secure: The four-pronged design keeps the strainer stable, allowing you to focus on creating that perfect pour.
  • Built to last: With durability in mind, this strainer is ready to be a staple in your bar toolkit for years to come.


Seamless addition to your bar tools


Its timeless style not only serves its purpose but also matches the professional vibe of your bar space. This tool is all about integrating simplicity and efficiency, reflecting the expertise that goes into your craft.


Suitable for bustling bars or home entertainment, this four-pronged cocktail strainer is there to ensure you're serving up smooth, refined drinks without the hassle. Bring one home and experience the difference in your pours—it's simplicity and precision in one elegant package.

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