Embassy Martini 148 ml

Embassy Martini 148 ml

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Simplicity meets style


Discover the clear, simple lines of the Onis Embassy Martini Glass, a perfect choice for your favourite martinis and vibrant cocktails. This glass brings a touch of understated elegance to your drinkware collection, making it a solid addition for both home bars and professional settings.


Durable design for everyday use


Crafted for durability as much as design, the Embassy Martini glass melds a classic look with the toughness needed for regular use. Its clear bowl showcases your drinks beautifully, from the subtle hues of a dry martini to the bright splash of a cosmopolitan.


A fit for any occasion


With a design that's easy on the eyes and easy to handle, this glass is versatile enough for casual evenings at home or high-volume service in a busy bar. It's a practical piece that doesn't compromise on style.


Made for the mixologist in you


Whether you're mixing drinks in a commercial space or at home, this glass stands up to the task. It's robust, looks good on any countertop, and is just the right shape for those who take their cocktail craft seriously.


Opt for the Onis Embassy Martini Glass when you need reliable glassware that complements any drink and any moment.

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