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Fine Strainer Ø 76 mm

Fine Strainer Ø 76 mm

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Fine Strainer: The bartender's partner for refined cocktails


This Fine Strainer stands as a staple for those who take pride in crafting a smooth cocktail. It’s the understated yet essential tool that strains out unwanted elements, leaving you with nothing but pure, clean flavors.


A must-have for the detail-oriented


Effortless Refinement: Whether it's for filtering out pulp or ensuring a clear cocktail, this strainer is designed for ease and efficiency. It’s the helping hand that quietly uplifts your mixology skills.


Key features for polished results:


  • Straining made simple: Ideal for removing pulp, foam, or ice for a cleaner drink.
  • Double straining mechanism: Achieve a smoother cocktail with this thoughtful feature.
  • Bar essential: A fundamental tool for bartenders aiming for consistently perfect beverages.


Incorporate this Fine Strainer into your bar tools to effortlessly enhance the clarity and texture of your cocktails.

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