Fortius Wine 300 ml
Fortius Wine 300 ml

Fortius Wine 300 ml

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Fortius 30 cl Wine: Clarity meets convenience


Introducing the Fortius 30 cl wine glass – the perfect size for savoring your favorite wines with daily convenience. This glass combines subtle design with everyday functionality, making it an ideal choice.


Features of the wine glass:


  • Crystal Clarity: See your wine's true color through the pristine clarity of this elegant glass.
  • Gentle Rim: The smoothly cut rim provides a delicate edge for a more enjoyable sip, time after time.
  • Ideal Shape: The tulip-shaped bowl is not just for looks; it's designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of your wine, promising a better tasting experience.
  • Comfortable to Hold: With a design that fits naturally in your hand.
  • Robust for Regular Use: Made to last, it stands up to daily use with ease.
  • Simple to Clean: Dishwasher-safe, because convenience is key.


Simplify Your Wine Time

The Fortius series is all about making wine enjoyment a simple part of your routine. It’s a glass that fits any day and any occasion.

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