Hurricane Shade 36 cm

Hurricane Shade 36 cm

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Discover the understated charm of our 36 cm hurricane shade


Elevate your home’s ambience with the simple elegance of our larger hurricane shade. Its classic design seamlessly integrates into any décor, offering a soft, warm light that invites relaxation and comfort into any room.


Versatile design


  • Clean and classic lines: The tall, graceful stature of the hurricane shade stands at 36 cm, its sleek profile a nod to understated elegance. The transparent glass is versatile enough to complement any interior, from contemporary to traditional.

  • Adaptable decor: Ideal for displaying candles, string lights, or seasonal decorations, this hurricane shade is a perfect centrepiece or an accent to a more elaborate display arrangement.

  • Lasting quality: Crafted with durable glass, this piece combines longevity with clarity, ensuring that its beauty remains a constant in your home.

  • Soft lighting: The shade is designed to soften and spread the light it encases, creating a calming atmosphere that enhances any setting.

  • Hand-blown artistry: Celebrate the individuality of each shade, knowing that the hand-crafted process leads to slight, endearing differences and may include small bubbles.


Styling suggestions


Use this hurricane shade to house a simple candle for a touch of warmth or as a creative container for natural elements like sand or stones, reflecting the seasons or your personal style.


Care tips


Keep your hurricane shade gleaming with a gentle wipe using a soft cloth and a little soapy water. It’s best to steer clear of harsh cleaners to keep its clear shine intact.


Add this larger hurricane shade to your space for that touch of quiet elegance. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and its ability to create a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. Explore its potential and let it bring a sense of serenity to your surroundings.

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