Italesse Wormwood Double Presidente Decor 220 ml

Italesse Wormwood Double Presidente Decor 220 ml

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Elegance for every cocktail


The Italesse Wormwood Double Presidente glass, with its delicate engravings of wormwood plants and fanciful elements, offers a charming way to serve your cherished cocktails like El Presidente, Sidecars, or Champagne.


A touch of tradition in your glass


The speakeasy-inspired design with a beautifully cut stem provides both visual and tactile delight, while the detailed engravings bring a sense of the classic to your drink service.


Simple care for enduring beauty


To maintain the intricate beauty of this glass, a gentle handwash is recommended. It's a small step to keep this piece ready for any occasion, from casual gatherings to formal celebrations.

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