Izakaya Hi-Ball 330 ml
Izakaya Hi-Ball 330 ml
Izakaya Hi-Ball 330 ml

Izakaya Hi-Ball 330 ml

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Understated elegance


The Izakaya Hi-ball Glass is designed with an elegantly simple aesthetic. The clean lines and laser-cut edge give it a contemporary feel, while the clarity of the glass ensures your drink is the star of the show.


Subtle sophistication


With its understated design, this glass is versatile enough for everyday use yet sophisticated enough for formal occasions. The fine rim is a testament to its quality, offering a smooth sipping experience.


Crafted for both durability and beauty, the Izakaya Hi-ball Glass is a reliable choice that doesn't sacrifice style. It's an essential piece for any glassware collection, perfect for serving a wide range of beverages.


A canvas for your drinks


From sparkling water to craft cocktails, the simplicity of this glass makes it the perfect canvas to present and enhance the visual appeal of your beverages.

The Izakaya Hi-ball Glass combines functionality with a sleek design, making it a timeless addition to any table setting.

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