Lemon/Lime Squeezer Steel

Lemon/Lime Squeezer Steel

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Steel citrus squeezer: simple juicing 


Your go-to for fresh citrus


Make quick work of juicing lemons and limes with this steel citrus squeezer. It’s a reliable tool for those who value functionality and tidiness when cooking or making cocktails. Whether it’s a dash of lemon in your tea or a squeeze of lime in your marinade, a squeezer is there to make it easier.


Key features:


  • Effortless juicing: Get more juice with less effort, accommodating different citrus sizes.
  • Mess-free: Designed to keep the juice directed into your bowl or glass, not on your hands.
  • Comfortable grip: Handles are shaped for ease of use, suitable for frequent squeezing.
  • Simple to clean: Straightforward, dishwasher-safe for quick cleaning.
  • Adaptable: Great for adding fresh juice to any dish or drink with minimal fuss.


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