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Metal Pourer Black Cork

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Metal Pourer with Black Cork: master the art of the pour


Embrace the finesse of perfect pouring with this pourer, designed to become an essential part of your bartending ensemble. It's not just about control; it's about the experience of crafting your drink to perfection.


Secure and stylish


Durable and dependable: This metal pourer is more than its sleek appearance. It's constructed with a soft rubber cork for a reliable seal, ensuring a secure fit in a variety of bottle necks while maintaining a sophisticated look.


Key features to enhance your craft:


  • Sleek metal construction: Durable and designed for consistent use.
  • Versatile rubber cork: Fits snugly in different bottle types, preventing drips and spills.
  • Elegant design: Adds a professional touch to your bottle service.


This metal pourer with black cork is the partner you need for an effortless pouring experience, ensuring precision with each and every pour.

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