Mezcal Vago - Espadin by Jarquin 50,1% 700 ml

Mezcal Vago - Espadin by Jarquin 50,1% 700 ml


Mezcal Vago began when co-founder Judah Kuper visited a hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico. He fell in love with the nurse who treated him. Her father, Aquilino Garcia, was a sustenance farmer who also produced mezcal.


Judah and Aquilino, along with Judah's longtime friend Dylan Sloan, launched Mezcal Vago. In 2013, their first exported bottles arrived in Texas. Each of their mezcals is produced naturally in a traditional palenque with no additives.


The brand aims to empower both the master craftsmen with a celebration of his art. Also the consumer by giving them the knowledge they need to find a great mezcal. The brand claims to plant 3 agaves for each single agave they harvest. Their goal is to end the use wild agave by 2025 for most of their releases.

In 2017, Mezcal Vago began using different color labels for their different mezcaleros. Emigdio Jarquin (blue label) distills in copper with refrescador.


Aquilino and Joel Barriga (tan and gold labels respectively) distill in copper.

Tio Rey (red label) distills in clay pots.

All their mezcaleros use different water sources and make different distillation cuts.



Mezcalero: Emigdio Jarquin

Agave: Espadin

Village: El Nanche, Miahuatian

Grind: Stone Tahona

Type of still: Copper

Distillation date: April 2019

Batch Size: 606 Liters

Class: Joven

Category: Mezcal Artesanal


About Mezcal Vago’s Espadin

Vago Espadin from maestro mezcalero Emigdio Jarquin Ramirez is produced in Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. The maguey Espadin (agave Angustifolia) used in this mezcal is crushed by tahona and distilled in a copper refrescadera still. Emigdio is known throughout the region for his distilling expertise and all of his mezcal holds a high standard for the rest of the Miahuatlan region. Each batch may vary slight. Check your batch for details.

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