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Muddler Steel 210 mm

Muddler Steel 210 mm

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Steel Muddler with gentle plastic end: thoughtful mixology tool


Protect your glass, perfect your craft


This muddler, crafted from sturdy steel and featuring a plastic end, is designed for the mindful mixologist. It's tailored to muddle ingredients firmly yet gently, safeguarding your glassware against scratches. It's a simple yet essential tool for anyone serious about their cocktails.


Key features:


  • Gentle muddling: The plastic end is tough on ingredients but soft on glass.
  • Durable construction: Made with steel for lasting use and durability.
  • Optimal length: At 210 mm, it handles comfortably for thorough muddling.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for a variety of ingredients, from citrus to herbs and spices.

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