New Era Nick & Nora 140 ml
New Era Nick & Nora 140 ml

New Era Nick & Nora 140 ml

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Nick & Nora: A classic choice for cocktails

Elegant simplicity for the modern bar

Explore the vintage charm of the Nick & Nora Glass from Onis' New Era collection. Perfect for those who love the craft of cocktails, this 14 cl glass blends traditional design with a modern touch. Its unique stem and sophisticated bowl are crafted to highlight the flavors and aromas of your favorite drinks, making it a staple for both professional settings and home bars seeking a refined cocktail experience.

Ideal for every cocktail enthusiast

The Nick & Nora Glass is your go-to for an elevated drinking experience, whether you're mixing a martini or experimenting with new recipes. Its classic elegance ensures that every cocktail moment is special, inviting you to savor the art of mixology in style.

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