New Era Rocks 260 ml
New Era Rocks 260 ml

New Era Rocks 260 ml

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The New Era of durability and elegance

Vintage charm meets modern innovation


Introducing the Rocks Glass from Onis' pioneering New Era collection, a perfect blend of commercial appeal and elegant design with a vintage twist. This 26 cl tumbler is not just a glass; it's a testament to innovation, being the first in the range produced using the unique Tulip mold technique. This method ensures seamless beauty and uniform embossment, setting a new standard for glassware aesthetics.


Unrivaled durability for everyday elegance


Crafted with Onis Xtratuff treatment, the Rocks Glass offers unmatched toughness and durability, making it resistant to the daily challenges of both bustling venues and home use. Its design is not only about beauty but also practicality, featuring stackability without sacrificing style. Dishwasher safe for ease of use, it represents the ideal choice for venues and enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on durability or elegance.

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