Nude Finesse highball glass on a white background
NUDE Finesse Hi-Ball 350 ml

NUDE Finesse Hi-Ball 350 ml

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NUDE Finesse High Ball glass: understated design for everyday use


The NUDE Finesse high ball glasses are created focusing on simplicity and functionality. The lightness of the glass and the soft curvature at the base give a contemporary look to the classic high ball.


Lead-free crystal for pure taste


Clear and present elegance: Made from fine lead-free crystal, these glasses are designed for both daily use and special occasions, ensuring your drinks look as good as they taste.


Key aspects of the NUDE Finesse Hi-ball:


  • Minimalist shape: A design that's subtle in its sophistication.
  • Softly curved base: Adds depth to the glass's simple silhouette.
  • Exceptionally thin walls: Provide a crisp drink experience.


Enjoy the harmony of form and function with NUDE Finesse high ball glass, where each drink is elevated through the pure elegance of design.

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