NUDE Finesse Old Fashioned glass on a white background
NUDE Finesse OF 300 ml

NUDE Finesse OF 300 ml

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NUDE Finesse Old Fashioned glass: gentle curves, clear simplicity


Elegant design, delicate strength


The NUDE Finesse whisky glass is a testament to understated beauty, offering a drinking experience that is as straightforward as it is stylish. With a 300 ml capacity, this glass marries delicate craftsmanship with everyday practicality.


Key features:


  • Softly curved base: Provides a touch of elegance to the sturdy design.
  • Thin walls: The glass's ultra-thin structure makes for a refined sip.
  • Moderate capacity: Ideal for whisky, the 300 ml size accommodates generous pours.
  • Quality material: Made from robust lead-free crystal for lasting clarity.
  • Simple elegance: Stripped back to the essentials for a refined look.
  • Sturdy yet delicate: Offers durability in a seemingly delicate structure.
  • Minimalist appeal: The glass is a nod to the beauty found in simplicity.


Function meets form


The NUDE Finesse Old Fashioned glass captures the essence of minimalist elegance, with a design focused on enhancing the enjoyment of whisky without unnecessary adornment. It stands as a functional piece of art that fits seamlessly into any setting.

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