NUDE Shade Decanter 1250 ml
NUDE Shade Decanter 1250 ml

NUDE Shade Decanter 1250 ml

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Whisky bottle with skull stopper


Discover the NUDE Shade whisky bottle, crafted from lead-free crystal and featuring a unique skull-shaped stopper. This bottle is designed for the modern whisky enthusiast.

Handmade by skilled artisans, the purity of the crystal ensures that the colour and quality of your whisky are presented at their best. The skull stopper serves as a reminder to enjoy each moment, making this bottle not only a functional item for your collection but also a conversation starter.


Product Care:

For longevity, hand wash this bottle using a soft sponge and dry with a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.



  • Capacity: 1250 ml
  • Height: 292 mm
  • Diameter: 133 mm
  • Material: Lead-free crystal


Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this whisky bottle enhances any bar or gathering.

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