Pourer Chrome

Pourer Chrome

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Streamline your pouring process


Our professional chrome speed pourer is the ideal tool for bartenders and home enthusiasts alike. Designed to fit all standard size bottles, this accessory ensures a smooth, steady stream of liquid, allowing for precision and control during pouring.


Professional quality for every bottle


Crafted from durable plastic with a sleek chrome finish, this pourer combines functionality with a professional look. Whether you're crafting cocktails or pouring syrups, oils, or vinegars, the speed pourer helps you achieve the perfect amount every time, without the mess.


Easy to insert and remove


This speed pourer is designed for ease of use. It fits snugly into bottle tops for a secure fit that prevents leaks and spills, and when you're done, it's just as easy to remove for cleaning or to use with another bottle.


A polished touch to your barware


The chrome finish adds a touch of sophistication to your bar setup, complementing any bottle with a professional and polished look. Simple, effective, and sleek, it's a small addition that can make a big difference in your beverage service.

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