Pourer for Dash Bottles

Pourer for Dash Bottles

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Dash bottle pourer: effortless precision for cocktail enthusiasts


Enhance your cocktail preparation with our Dash Bottle Pourer, designed to dispense small amounts of bitters and spirits with accuracy and ease. This pourer is the little helper that makes a big difference in crafting consistent, high-quality drinks. It's the simple solution for adding that precise hit of flavor every time.


Key features:


  • Secure fit: Easily attaches to standard dash bottles for a reliable pour.
  • Steady pour: Helps measure out the perfect dash without overpouring.
  • Cork design: Natural cork offers a snug seal to prevent leaks.
  • Multipurpose: Ideal for bitters, spirits, and any liquid needing a delicate touch.


Fits on:

Dash bottle 100 ml without pourer #101431

Dash bottle glass 200 ml#101576


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