Prost Beer Mug 490 ml
Prost Beer Mug 490 ml

Prost Beer Mug 490 ml

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The classic beer mug


Enjoy your beer in the classic style of the Prost Beer Mug from Onis. With a generous 490ml capacity, this mug is perfect for those who love their beer served in traditional glassware.

The Prost Beer Mug is crafted for durability. Its solid construction ensures it can handle your favourite beers time and time again, and the sturdy handle offers a comfortable grip.


Perfect beer capacity


With its 490ml capacity, this mug is ideal for a full beer with a nice head of foam. Whether you're drinking a lager, ale, or pilsner, the Prost Beer Mug provides the perfect pour every time.

Featuring a classic design, the Prost Beer Mug fits perfectly in any setting. Its clean lines and traditional style make it a great addition to your glassware collection, whether for everyday use or special occasions.


Ideal for beer lovers


Whether you're having a casual drink with friends, enjoying a game night, or simply relaxing after work, the Prost Beer Mug from Onis is the perfect choice. 

Experience the pleasure of drinking from the Prost Beer Mug – a must-have for every beer enthusiast.

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