RCR Aria Champagne 330 ml

RCR Aria Champagne 330 ml

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Sleek and modern celebration


The RCR Aria Champagne Glass, with its generous 330 ml capacity, is a modern twist on the traditional champagne flute. Its angular lines and clear crystal design bring a contemporary edge to toasting life's special moments.


Designed for the perfect toast


Crafted with attention to both aesthetics and function, this glass features a broad bowl and crisp edges, perfect for savouring the fizz and flavour of your favourite champagne or sparkling wine.

Made from high-quality crystal, the Aria Champagne Glass captures and reflects light, adding a sparkle to your celebrations. The stem is gracefully tapered, ensuring a comfortable hold during your most memorable toasts.


Versatile and stylish


Whether you're hosting a formal event or enjoying a casual gathering, this glass is versatile enough to suit any occasion. It's designed not just for champagne but can also be a unique serving choice for cocktails or dessert wines.


With the RCR Aria Champagne Glass, you're choosing a piece that marries the joy of celebration with the elegance of modern design.

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