RCR Melodia Coupette 160 ml
RCR Melodia Coupette 160 ml

RCR Melodia Coupette 160 ml

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'Melodia' Coupette glass by RCR - elegance in every sip


Classic design, modern appeal


The 'Melodia' Coupette glass from RCR captures the essence of cocktail elegance. With a 160 ml capacity, this glass is perfectly sized for those who take pleasure in their cocktails served with a touch of classic grace.


Features at a glance:


  • Ideal size: The 160 ml volume is suited for a variety of short drinks, allowing for a just-right cocktail experience.
  • Signature 'Melodia' style: The detailed pattern on the glass adds a refined look that's far from ordinary.
  • Vintage inspired: The design and shape of the glass pay homage to the iconic cocktail culture of the 1930s, bringing a piece of history to your barware.
  • RCR craftsmanship: Known for its clear brilliance and quality sound, RCR ensures that this glass isn't just seen but felt.
  • Distinctive charm: This coupette stands out from the crowd, ensuring that your drink presentation leaves a memorable impression.


Toast with tradition


Whether you're stirring or shaking, the 'Melodia' Coupette glass elevates the ritual of cocktail making and serving. It's a blend of the past and present, designed for those who appreciate the heritage behind their glassware.


Not just a glass, but a statement


This coupette isn't just for serving drinks; it's for celebrating the timeless art of mixology, with a glass that's as much a centerpiece as it is a tool of the trade.


Impress with every pour


Make a statement with a glass that stands out. The 'Melodia' Coupette Glass is designed to impress, from the clarity of the crystal to the elegance of the etching.

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