RCR Melodia Hi-Ball 360 ml

RCR Melodia Hi-Ball 360 ml

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RCR Melodia Highball Glass: the versatile choice for everyday elegance



Simple sophistication in your glassware collection


The RCR Melodia Highball glass, with a generous 360 ml volume, is designed for those who appreciate the versatility without compromising on style. Perfect for water, soft drinks, or your favourite cocktails, it's the glass that effortlessly caters to any beverage need.


A design that complements your drink


With its classic crystal cut, the Melodia Highball glass brings a subtle sparkle to your table setting. The thoughtful design is not just about aesthetics but also about the comfortable grip and ease of use it offers.


Whether it’s a casual evening with friends or a more formal gathering, this highball glass rises to the occasion. Its durability means it's suitable for daily use, while the refined design makes it appropriate for special events too.


A staple for the modern home and bar


In homes and bars across the globe, the Melodia Highball is a familiar and trusted sight. Its straightforward elegance has made it a popular choice for those who seek reliable quality in their glassware.

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