RCR Melodia Liqueur Goblet 50 ml

RCR Melodia Liqueur Goblet 50 ml

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RCR Melodia Liqueur Goblet: A sip of tradition from RCR's Italian glassmakers


The 50 ml RCR Melodia liqueur goblet is a petite tribute to RCR's storied tradition in fine glassmaking. It's crafted to offer a delightful taste of your favourite digestifs and aperitifs, perfect for capping off a meal or starting an evening.


Detailing that delights


Embodying RCR's Italian heritage, each liqueur goblet features an intricate pattern, designed to capture and reflect light, adding a subtle brilliance to your drinking experience.


This goblet’s petite size is perfect for the rich and complex flavours of liqueurs. It's shaped to enhance the aroma and taste of each sip.


The essence of RCR quality in a small package


As with all RCR glassware, this liqueur goblet brings with it a promise of quality and durability. It’s made for those moments that call for a drink to be savoured, not rushed.


The RCR Melodia liqueur goblet is the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates the fine craftsmanship of Italian glassware in a size that’s perfect for the refined flavours of liqueur.

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