RCR Melodia Nick & Nora 140 ml
RCR Melodia Nick & Nora 140 ml

RCR Melodia Nick & Nora 140 ml

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'Melodia' Nick & Nora glass by RCR - vintage meets versatility


A classic reimagined


The 'Melodia' Nick & Nora Glass from RCR offers a fresh take on the beloved cocktail glass shape. Ideal for 140 ml servings, this glass is perfect for those who appreciate a just-right pour for their favorite mixed drinks.


Simple yet sophisticated:


  • Just the right size: The 140 ml capacity is tailor-made for classic cocktail servings, allowing every flavour to shine.
  • Decorative touches: The 'Melodia' pattern adds a subtle elegance to the glass.
  • Retro Inspiration: Reminiscent of the 1930s cocktail scene, the glass brings a hint of vintage charm to your barware.
  • Trusted quality: RCR's reputation for brilliance and durability is evident in every aspect of this glass.
  • Distinguished look: Elevate your table setting with glasses that stand out for their classic design and artful details.


Time-honoured tradition for today


With the 'Melodia' Nick & Nora glass, you're not just pouring a drink; you're reviving a storied tradition, with a quality that suits today's standards for fine glassware.


The perfect pour


From stirred down and strong to light and effervescent cocktails, this glass is versatile for all your mixological exploits, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Embrace a glass that adds character to your cocktails with a balanced touch that's never overdone.

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