RCR Melodia Red Wine Goblet 270 ml

RCR Melodia Red Wine Goblet 270 ml

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RCR Melodia Red Wine Goblet: comfort meets classic design


The RCR Melodia red wine goblet holds a comfortable 270 ml, making it an ideal choice for those evenings when you want to unwind with a glass of your preferred red. Its familiar shape and size fit perfectly into any casual or intimate setting.


Crafted by masters, enjoyed by you


RCR is renowned for its fusion of traditional methods and contemporary design, and this goblet is a testament to that legacy. The fine crystal-cut pattern speaks to RCR's attention to detail, while its robust build reflects a commitment to durability.


Versatility in a timeless design


The goblet's size and classic style make it well-suited for any variety of red wine, from a cosy dinner to a spontaneous toast. RCR's dedication to quality ensures that this goblet will remain a part of your wine-tasting rituals for years to come.


A centrepiece from RCR's celebrated collection


As a piece from RCR's esteemed glassware range, the Melodia red wine goblet carries the brand's signature of excellence. It's a staple item for wine enthusiasts who value RCR's blend of Italian craftsmanship and enduring design.


Embrace the simple pleasure of a well-crafted wine goblet with the RCR Melodia red wine goblet – where each sip is enhanced by the legacy of Italian glassmaking excellence.

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