RCR Timeless Mixing Glass 650 ml

RCR Timeless Mixing Glass 650 ml

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Understated elegance for your bar


Enhance your barware with the RCR Timeless mixing glass, where functionality meets elegant design. This glass is a staple for those who appreciate durability without compromising on style.


A popular choice for its subtle charm


Favoured for its refined look, this mixing glass has been selected for promotional use by respected alcohol brands and has made appearances in films and restaurants worldwide, reflecting its versatility and appeal.


Simple yet sophisticated


The 650 ml mixing glass features a clear design with delicate vertical cuts that catch the light, creating a subtle visual interest without overpowering. Its practical flared top makes for effortless pouring, while the robust base ensures stability during use.


Ready for everyday service


Designed to be used often and loved for years to come, the RCR Timeless mixing glass is crafted to last. Whether for professional settings or at home, it’s a dependable and stylish choice for anyone serious about their beverages.

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