Roma Wine 250 ml

Roma Wine 250 ml

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Onis 'Roma' Wine glass - the modest choice


Relaxed and refined


The Onis 'Roma' Wine glass offers a no-fuss approach to wine enjoyment. It's just right for those smaller portions of your favorite wines.


Convenient features:


  • Cozy capacity: With a size that's ideal for savoring, this glass suits anyone who prefers a more intimate wine experience.
  • Simple style: The design is straightforward and sleek, making it a versatile addition to any glassware set.
  • Ready for regular use: Strong enough for daily enjoyment without sacrificing a clean, classic look.
  • Part of the Roma family: This glass fits well within the Roma collection, maintaining a cohesive look on your shelf or table.


Quietly celebratory


It's the glass for those quiet moments that are worth savouring. The Onis 'Roma' wine glass doesn't overdo it. It's casual, it's easy, and it's just right.

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