Roma Wine 340 ml

Roma Wine 340 ml

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Onis 'Roma' Wine glass - simply versatile


Everyday sipping made elegant


The Onis 'Roma' Wine glass, holding a comfortable 340 ml, is the middle choice of the Roma series, perfect for those who appreciate a practical glass for daily use.


Thoughtful design:


  • Generous yet modest: The 340 ml capacity strikes the right balance for enjoying your wine without overpouring.
  • Classic look: A clean, classic design ensures this glass is at home on any table, for any occasion.
  • Sturdy for daily enjoyment: Made with daily use in mind, it pairs durability with a light, easy-to-handle design.
  • Part of a cohesive set: Fits smoothly within the Roma series, allowing for a unified table setting.
  • Uncomplicated charm: This glass makes no fuss; it's straightforward, reliable, and just right for a variety of wines.

Perfectly middle ground


Not too big, not too small, it's the wine glass that's just right for your everyday wine moments. This Roma Wine glass is all about the present—a simple, present moment elevated by a glass designed to fit right in.

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