Roma Wine 420 ml

Roma Wine 420 ml

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Onis 'Roma' Wine glass - the ample classic


Relaxed elegance for wine lovers


The Onis 'Roma' Wine glass, with its 420 ml capacity, is all about enjoying your wine comfortably. It's the largest in the Roma series, offering plenty of room for the wine to breathe.


Comfortable and casual:


  • Uncomplicated style: Its straightforward design complements any wine without fuss.
  • Everyday durability: Built to be used often, it's as reliable as it is simple.
  • A match for the 'Roma' set: It pairs seamlessly with the rest of the series for a cohesive look.
  • Focus on the flavour: The glass is all about enhancing the wine, keeping the attention on your drink.

Easygoing and versatile


This glass isn't just for the connoisseur; it's for anyone who enjoys a good glass of wine in good company.

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