Rona Le Vin Riesling 360 ml

Rona Le Vin Riesling 360 ml

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Elevated Wine Tasting Experience


The Rona Le Vin Riesling glass, with a 360 ml capacity, is a fine example of craftsmanship designed to enhance the wine tasting experience. Part of a collection that celebrates the nuances of different grape varieties, this glass is a standout choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Delicate design, lasting durability


The Le Vin series marries lightweight design with durability. Despite its thin walls, this Riesling glass is robust, featuring a rim that has been laser-treated to resist chipping, ensuring that elegance does not come at the expense of longevity.


Enhanced enjoyment


Every sip from the Le Vin Riesling glass is intended to be an occasion in itself. Its delicate structure is not only aesthetically pleasing but also crafted to bring out the best in your wine, providing an extra layer of enjoyment to your tasting sessions.


A refined addition to any collection


Whether it's for a personal collection or for a professional setup, the Rona Le Vin Riesling glass adds a touch of sophistication. It's designed to make every wine tasting special, whether you're sampling a crisp Riesling or any other fine white.

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