Rona Stellar Old Fashioned 280 ml

Rona Stellar Old Fashioned 280 ml

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Classic tumbler


Meet the Rona Stellar Old Fashioned glass, a fundamental piece for any glassware collection. With a 280 ml capacity, it's perfectly sized for spirits, mixed drinks, or a simple glass of water.


Durable for daily use


This glass is the embodiment of the classic tumbler design. Its no-nonsense shape is appreciated for its simplicity and straightforward approach to serving a good drink.

The Rona Stellar is built to last. It's just as at home in a bustling bar as it is in the quiet of your kitchen. The clear, strong glass is designed for regular use without compromising on looks.


A versatile choice


Whether it's whisky neat or a casual soft drink, this glass handles it with ease. It’s an essential part of any glassware set, perfect for those who appreciate the understated elegance of a well-served drink.

Opt for the Rona Stellar Old Fashioned Glass when you need a reliable, classic glass that fits seamlessly into any setting.

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