Speakeasy Nick & Nora 140 ml
Speakeasy Nick & Nora 140 ml

Speakeasy Nick & Nora 140 ml

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Classic elegance: discover timeless sophistication


Indulge in the glamour of a bygone era with the SPKSY Nick & Nora Glass from Onis. Inspired by the classic sophistication of the 1930s, this stunning 140 ml cocktail glass embodies the spirit of the iconic Nick and Nora Charles from the golden age of cinema.


Premium quality for connoisseurs


Expertly crafted from the finest materials, the SPKSY Nick & Nora Glass is not just a drinking vessel; it's an experience. The crystal-clear glass showcases the true colours and textures of your cocktail, enhancing both the aesthetic and sensory enjoyment of your drink.


The distinctive design features a wide bowl that tapers to a smaller rim, offering an elegant way to serve up your favourite classic cocktails. Whether it's a Manhattan, a martini, or a more contemporary creation, this glass allows for a full appreciation of the aromas and flavours.


Classicly inspired, modernly crafted


The sleek stem is perfectly proportioned to balance the bowl, making it comfortable to hold without affecting the temperature of your drink. The sturdy base ensures stability, so you can savour each sip without worry.


A touch of class for any occasion


Whether for a special celebration or an everyday luxury, the SPKSY Nick & Nora Glass adds a touch of class to any occasion. Its timeless design ensures it will always be in style, making it a cherished addition to any glassware collection.

Bring home the understated elegance of the SPKSY Nick & Nora Glass by Onis and elevate your cocktail experience.

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