Spirit Champagne 205 ml

Spirit Champagne 205 ml

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Onis 'Spirit' Champagne glass - celebrate everyday elegance


Everyday sophistication


The Onis 'Spirit' Champagne glass brings a touch of class to your daily celebrations. Simple and sturdy, this glass is part of a series designed to accompany any occasion.


Streamlined design:


  • Versatile appeal: This glass fits seamlessly into any table setting, from casual brunches to formal dinners.
  • Durable for daily use: Crafted for longevity, it's the dependable choice for your everyday toast.
  • Part of the 'Spirit' series: Complement it with three other wine glasses from the series to complete your collection.
  • Perfect for any celebration: Whether it's a small victory or a grand event, this glass elevates the moment.


A toast to the 'Spirit' of life


The Onis 'Spirit' Champagne glass isn't just for special occasions—it's for making any moment feel special. With a design that's as fitting for an evening toast as it is for a celebratory gathering, this glass is your go-to for any event, any day.

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