Spirit Wine 355 ml

Spirit Wine 355 ml

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Onis 'Spirit' wine glass - the quintessential sip


Embrace everyday elegance


The Onis 'Spirit' wine glass, with its 355 ml capacity, is the most intimate glass of the series, perfect for savouring your preferred vintage. Designed for daily use, it's the ideal size for those moments when you want a modest but ample pour.


Compact design:


  • Comfortable capacity: The 355 ml volume is perfect for enjoying your wine.
  • Series companion: This glass is part of the 'Spirit' series, harmonizing with its family to offer a complete wine-tasting experience.
  • Versatile and sturdy: A robust build meets a versatile shape, making it suitable for all types of wines and occasions.
  • Everyday celebration: Whether it's a casual dinner or a relaxing end-of-day unwind, this glass fits seamlessly.


The simple pleasures


This wine glass is all about appreciating the simple things in life, elevating them just enough to make each day feel a little more special.

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