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Squall 444 ml

Squall 444 ml

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Ideal for tropical cocktails



The Onis Hurricane Squall Glass, holding 444 ml, combines style with practicality. It features a chip-resistant rim and a wide base, offering extra stability and durability. This makes it a reliable choice for busy venues like pool and tiki bars, as well as beach bars and restaurants.


Perfect for colourful drinks


This glass is specially designed for tropical drinks, making it ideal for serving favourites such as Mai Tais, Piña Coladas, and Hurricanes. Its tall, elegant shape not only enhances the visual appeal of these vibrant cocktails but also highlights their colourful layers and garnishes.


Enhance your home bar


Bring the holiday vibe to your home bar with the Onis Hurricane Squall Glass. Just adding a simple umbrella or a slice of fruit can transport you to a beachfront scene, making every drink a mini getaway.


A versatile choice


Beyond alcoholic beverages, this glass is great for serving a variety of non-alcoholic tropical concoctions, allowing everyone to enjoy a taste of the tropics. Its welcoming design is perfect for any gathering where fun and flavour are on the menu.


The Onis Hurricane Squall Glass is not just practical; it also adds a touch of elegance to your drink serving, ensuring that each cocktail is not only tasted but also visually enjoyed. It’s a staple for anyone who loves to entertain.

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