Straight-Sided Zombie 326 ml

Straight-Sided Zombie 326 ml

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Slim and sleek glassware for every occasion


The Onis Straight-sided Zombie glass is a versatile addition to your barware collection, perfect for serving up specialty drinks, juices, and highballs. Its tall and thin design is not only visually appealing but also practical for various beverages.


Durable design for everyday use


This tumbler-style glass is crafted from heat-treated glass, offering enhanced resistance to both thermal and mechanical shock. Whether it's a busy cocktail night or a quiet evening in, this glass is made to last through it all.


A touch of sophistication


With a 326 ml capacity, the glass’s straight sides provide a modern touch to any table setting, making it suitable for both casual and formal events. It's a simple yet sophisticated choice.


Its slender shape isn’t just for looks—it also makes the glass easy to hold and drink from. Enjoy the functionality of this well-designed glass that brings a refined edge to your drinking experience.

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