Urban Bar Calabrese Bullet Shaker 400 ml
Urban Bar Calabrese Bullet Shaker 400 ml

Urban Bar Calabrese Bullet Shaker 400 ml

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Crafted in collaboration with 'The Maestro'


Elevate your mixology game with the Calabrese Bullet Shaker, a groundbreaking solution developed in collaboration with Salvatore "El Maestro" Calabrese. This high-quality steel shaker, equipped with an innovative inbuilt spring mechanism, acts as a whisk for a quick, efficient, and mess-free emulsification of egg white-based cocktails.


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Designed as a two-piece cocktail shaker, the Calabrese Bullet Shaker is a testament to precision and innovation. Crafted from premium 0.9mm 18/8 Japanese steel, this shaker ensures greater corrosion resistance and durability.


The easy-to-clean, removable whisk simplifies the cocktail-making process, while the seamless separation of the two parts after shaking adds to the shaker's user-friendly design. Outlasting poor-grade steel shakers, the Calabrese Bullet Shaker boasts a polished finish. Dishwasher-safe for added convenience.

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